Joe Biden lies to Detroit steelworkers, says he's never made $400,000

  • Joe Biden made $15.6 MILLION in the two years after he left office.
    But watch him casually lie to Detroit workers yesterday, claiming $400,000 "is more money than I’ve ever made."

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  • Paul Peery
    Paul Peery Pretty soon they will set him up with a tablet like Steven Hawkings. It's just a robot voice with someone else doing the answering..
    • Craig Forrest
      Craig Forrest BIDEN makes over double that from Pennsylvania University alone...
      • Boom Pow
        Boom Pow And this is actually who some people will vote for to be the President of the United States this coming november? YIKES!!
        • matex66
          matex66 @Boom Pow The Rock, maybe. But dont you find it the least bit worrying that Trump is proud of his ability to memorize five random words and repeat them ten minutes later? Biden is obviously a terrible candidate but it amazes me that people actually believe Trump is some kind of genius...
        • Boom Pow
          Boom Pow @matex66 he actually is. His IQ is higher then any president or presidential candidate ever. And by the way, he is also the GREATEST POTUS EVER! I've been a long time democrat supporter. Didn't even vote for Trump in 2016. But i am so glad for the fake news media because that is what woke me up to the crap that i was believing for 35 years. TRUMP is my vote and he will win by a landslide this coming november. Why? Because there is more people who now see through the crap, then there are people who are blinded by it. Thanks to cnn and msnbc and all of the other fake news.
        • matex66
          matex66 @Boom Pow sorry but I cant tell whether you are serious? If you are, where exactly is the list of the IQ scores of all presidents and candodates? Would find that very interesting. So far I havnt seen any evidence that Trump's is anywhere above average. And please dont point to Biden. As I said, I'm no fan of his either..
        • Boom Pow
          Boom Pow @matex66All the information is out there. BUT, How about, We just agree that we disagree on presidential candidates? Im not on here to debate anyone or push my beliefs on to anyone. I really don't have that time. I am a strong believer in family and i would much rather spend my time productively with them, then getting into any type of debate about personal opinions. If i came off like that to you, then i humbly apoligize. You have a great day!
        • matex66
          matex66 @Boom Pow sure. No worries. Thank you very much and I wish the same to you. And you are definitely right, the information is out there. We just need to stay open minded and look at the whole picture and not just look at the infos that tell us what we believe to already know. Take care!
      • onemoremisfit
        onemoremisfit Biden evidently had $600 grand just to join Sebonack country club, he spent more on golf than most workers will ever make in a lifetime, and he wore his country club shirt giving a speech to a union crowd.
        • Free vision
          Free vision Hopefully Americans will wake up out of there slumber and vote TRUMP 2020
          • Isaac
            Isaac Meanwhile, how much did his son make overseas?
            • Greg Artley
              Greg Artley Maybe Hunter is helping support him because Hunters got that great job as an artist painting pictures like Adolf Hitler did after World War 1.
            • God Bless USA
              God Bless USA The answer is in ‘’Ride the dragon’ on Youtube....
          • Chris Cary
            Chris Cary It’s not lying when you literally can’t remember anything past the morning
            • Spaced Out Productions
              Spaced Out Productions "I promise to lying your honor, I'm not God!"
              • poker pro86
                poker pro86 He didn’t lie he just forgot with the whole dementia thing. You know the thing.
                • Juanita Dudley
                  Juanita Dudley He means he may have gotten paid more but didn't earn it.