Trump hosts 'Great American Comeback' event in Wisconsin

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  • Erimona Olu
    Erimona Olu The "Beat It" from Michael Jackson takes my breath away on this rally.
    So on point. ✔️
    • irishsiri100
      irishsiri100 Michael Jackson turning in his grave.
    • Erimona Olu
      Erimona Olu @irishsiri100
      Yours is hypocrisy.
      Liberals assume moral superiority in politics and society , yet the world is going crazy because of Liberal values.
      Trump remains for another four years. I'd advise you stay focused on your local politicians and hold them accountable.
      I can't imagine what goes on in the minds of people who keep voting for the weak Mayors mismanaging Democrats cities and senators like Shuma and Nancy Pelosi.
      Their constuents need to get smart.
    • irishsiri100
      irishsiri100 @Erimona Olu You're wasting your breath on me, my government is looking after me Ok, 4,000 or so miles away. I see the US in a bad place under the present administration, you can blame the opposition all you like but as Truman said, "The buck stops here". If there was serious discord in one of Trump's hotels you can be sure that the manager would be told "You're fired".
    • Erimona Olu
      Erimona Olu @irishsiri100
      Democrats are not ready to work with Trump, because the politicians are not getting the benefits and privileges they used to get.
      Can someone tell me why they hate their own country?
      Why are Democrats silent on the audacity of China effecting the entire world with a deadly pandemic? They prefer to fixate on Russia.
      I love Trump and he's proven to be effective before the pandemic. His unconventional approach to governance is needed now.
      The statistics are indisputable on his positive achievements.
      But the media want us to believe otherwise. We know it's fake news.
    • irishsiri100
      irishsiri100 @Erimona Olu Good luck and may the best man win. I have family members in US so I hope there are better times ahead for all of us.
  • cbes2407
    cbes2407 Go Out and Vote in Person, PLEASE from Australia ❤️❤️❤️
  • dolores postlethwait
    dolores postlethwait God bless america
    • Conga TX
      Conga TX I love Trump's honest speech.. very original, like talking to friends to build this country for everyone and new generations to come. He does not treat us like sheep's, listen and receive information without logical reasoning and cross check the sources.
      • sheehan Tezzo
        sheehan Tezzo The bidens brought in the virus why do you think biden is always hiding his son has disappeared . Have a look at all the countries biden visited before it broke out. Biden brought in the virus.
        • D H
          D H Yes!! Keep the masks off!!!
        • USA1 TRUMP 2020
        • zox RISES again
          zox RISES again I love my President Trump. He is one man and cannot do this by himself we have to step up and be loyal and have his back
          • patriot time
            patriot time Haters , trolls , losers say what you will but NO other president has ever had this kind of following ever , these are TRUE HARDWORKING AMERICANS and most of all PATRIOTS take a good look maybe you can catch on .
            • Grant Martin
              Grant Martin NORTH AMERICANS FOR TRUMP - PENCE 2020 we need you MR. PRESIDENT