‘It’s a snap back’: Trump pushes United Nations to restore sanctions against Iran

  • US President Donald Trump said he would call on the United Nations Security Council to restore all nuclear-related sanctions on Iran, an attempt to kill off the 2015 nuclear agreement and force Tehran back to the negotiating table. Trump said the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to New York on Thursday to present the US demand. "Today I'm directing the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to notify the UN Security Council that the United States intends to restore virtually all of the previously suspended United Nations sanctions on Iran, it's a snapback," Trump said during a press briefing. “Mark it down, Iran will never have a nuclear weapon,” Trump said at a White House news conference on Wednesday. “We paid a fortune for a failed concept, a failed policy that would have made it impossible to have peace in the Middle East.” Watch the full video for more details.

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