'The Five' weighs in on Fauci's fiery Senate testimony

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  • Lourdes Graney
    Lourdes Graney He’s been wrong on ALL the numbers... we need to open!
    • june july
      june july Fauci: "I'm a scientist, a physician, and a public health official" ...... forgot to say "and a criminal."
    • CALTECH007
      CALTECH007 There has NEVER been a successful vaccine against a virus so what makes anyone thing there will be one now.
      • valvenator
        valvenator @tswrench You might want to re-read your third sentence:) BTW, despite all this we still haven't cured the common cold and flu.
      • tswrench
        tswrench @valvenator - Third sentence of which reply? The common cold (including some coronaviruses) and common flu viruses mutate too rapidly to develop an effective vaccine.
      • valvenator
        valvenator @tswrench "Rinderpest, a disease that infects cattle and other animals has also been eradicated by virus."
        I'm sure you meant vaccine not virus.
        My point about the common cold and flu is that we still carry on despite not having a cure and shouldn't put all our eggs in thinking we will ever find one for covid19.
      • tswrench
        tswrench @valvenator- Thanks--good catch! Although, there are viruses that provide co-immunity from other viruses, and wouldn't that be interesting if that became a viable solution? I'm well aware of the dodgy schedules for the delivery of vaccines, and that they might not be able to develop one, period. I was pointing out the fact to CALTECH007, that there have, indeed, been successful vaccines targeting viruses (see the OP).
      • Cicada Boi
        Cicada Boi This is what happens when you don't pay attention in school.
    • black 666
      black 666 Fauci Is A Killer Simple. He Dont Have Our Best Intrest
      • Gerald Hull
        Gerald Hull I'm STILL waiting to hear how Fauci KNEW that this administration WOULD face a pandemic during his term! !!!
      • Riddickk
        Riddickk Why is there just 1 unelected guy dictating such grand direction for all country?
      • Ream, Shawn
        Ream, Shawn I’m sick of Dr. Flunki, Trump needs to fire the foo
        • A. o
          A. o Cicada Boi I guess you didn’t get laid last night. Bad mood. Bahaha
        • Cicada Boi
          Cicada Boi @A. o
          No i didn't. I'm participating in nofap. But really? Why antivax!? Vaccines have saved so many lives!
        • A. o
          A. o Cicada Boi read plague of corruption. Not all vaccines are good
        • A. o
          A. o Cicada Boi I have had vaccines. I don’t get the flu shot I did get the HPV and Hep A and Hep B vaccines. Early in life I got the mumps vaccine, not chicken pox vaccine wasn’t out then. I had my daughter get the chicken pox it was out when she was young. I don’t get the flu vaccine. If I want my immune system to be strong for future viruses I need to be exposed to cold/viruses.
        • Cicada Boi
          Cicada Boi @A. o
          Sure, some viruses aren't dangerous but this one has been proven to not be just a seasonal flu. It's dangerous not just for you but for your friends and family. If you catch it and give it to your parents they might just die on yoy.
      • Chosenxeno
        Chosenxeno Guy looks like a Bookworm but has the voice of a seasoned Hitman.
      • R. T
        R. T Fauci is a major problem to this country. He has an agenda that goes against our freedoms.
        • R. T
          R. T @Evan Michael fauci has not been going off any science based evidence. Are you really that gullible? If he were. His 2005 his studies of hydrochloraquin would be the gold standard right now because its works on all corona virus but theres no money to be made in a $1 drug.This is about the almighty dollar like always and he's happy to sell us down the drain of sickness from different meds and new vaccines to line his own pockets . since 1986 drug makers have not had to make sure vaccines are safe. They dont have to, its not like we can sue them for it. The national news is selling you a bad bill of goods, rotten to the core. Wake up!!!
        • Shad salah
          Shad salah @R. T fauci is among the most respected physicians in this field.
        • Inside the Huddle With Armani
          Inside the Huddle With Armani RLynn Thompson your a scientists now ah?
        • Evan Michael
          Evan Michael @R. T no I'm not that gullible. I read scientific journals and study evidence-based medicine. Hydroxychloroquine* (maybe spell it correctly before you write factual inaccuracies) does not have any clinical use against any coronaviruses. In fact, most of the coronaviruses have zero treatment protocols because they induce the common cold, a relatively benign illness. If you would like to take hydroxychloroquine, go ahead. We'll allow natural selection to run its course...
        • Sadiq Kabiri
          Sadiq Kabiri Evan Michael
      • Donna Rosen
        Donna Rosen Why is he still giving advice. Get rid of him