Trump shreds Dem governors pushing for mail-in voting

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  • Billy Bouckaert
    Billy Bouckaert I’m a Trump supporter, but the vaccine manufacturers don’t hold any liability.
  • Peter Cristo
    Peter Cristo Levin's a good guy and good American.
  • William Miller
    William Miller Mr. President you’re supposed to say he hit not shot
    • 80sfanjk
      80sfanjk Love you trump ❤ trump 2020
      • Sal Lizandro
        Sal Lizandro " AMERICAN PEOPLE "
        • Lee Taylore
          Lee Taylore Hey TROLL
          All you get is a request for a mail in ballot
        • rogerwilco99
          rogerwilco99 Voting by mail here in Georgia can ONLY be done using absentee ballots. Georgia does NOT subscribe to the unsolicited mailing of ballots. Nor will they accept a mailed in ballot from someone who has not first requested an absentee ballot. And if they have gotten an absentee ballot from you, you can only cast a provisional ballot at the polls. If your absentee ballot is not received then your provisional ballot will be counted. ALL absentee ballot must be postmarked by election day here in Georgia. Voter fraud is only possible in Georgia with crooked poll workers (meaning in Fulton county and in the cities of Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah) which is where ALL the recent multiple voting took place in Georgia. All areas controlled by Democrats.
      • Patriot
        Patriot Vote against a KAMALA HARRIS-Biden-AOC communist administration!
      • Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy
        Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy Blue state governors are setting the USA up for a bloody civil war and must be stopped!!!!
        Also, can anyone guess which COMMUNIST enemy country is assisting leftest to bring communism here!!!!!
      • WuiS
        WuiS I've had 6 mail in ballots sent to my wife . I've only had 1 sent for me . How does that happen if these are controlled correctly according to democrats?
      • Moz Pogson
        Moz Pogson Thanks Mark for your interviewing skills which are respectful with integrity.
        • Leanna Hatfield
          Leanna Hatfield I've been saying it the whole time. The democrats planned this whole thing dating back to the phony impeachment that the democrats also made up. God people , we have to vote Republican across the board. Don't let these lying murdering thieving democrats win. We have to stop these maniacs. They are trying to cheat the election.
          • Alison Downey
            Alison Downey Leanna Hatfield
            Oh it goes way way back
          • Abraham Ray
            Abraham Ray @expatriate recognizing BS when you see it, does not make you a conspiracy theorist. And if you haven't been paying attention, the Democrats in Congress have been producing nothing but BS since Trump was elected in an attempt to undermine his leadership. I would not be surprised to see a constitutional amendment made to have this type of political jerrymandering resulting in some impeached congressmen.
          • expatriate
            expatriate @Abraham Ray All 400 Democratic House bills died on Mc desk. How do you explain to your grandchildren you believed an anonymous sociopathic psychotic paranoid conspiracy theorist?
          • Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy
            Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy It's very obvious leftist have no problem committing genocide
          • Blake Fin
            Blake Fin murdering ? Cheat? thieving ? God people? F off