Dan Bongino has profanity-laced meltdown with reporter

  • Congressional candidate and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino went on a screaming, profanity-laced tirade on 08/21/2016 during a phone call with a POLITICO Florida reporter who asked the Republican to clarify his criticisms of a news story.
    The dispute began early in the day on Twitter where Bongino bashed Naples Daily News reporters for writing “propagandists.” Asked by POLITICO reporter Marc Caputo about the error in the Naples Daily News story (bit.ly/2bWY0br) concerning Florida’s 19th Congressional District that ran that day, Bongino didn’t directly answer the question. (bit.ly/2bWYOwW)
    Bongino asked Caputo to call and, after a long back and forth on Twitter, he gave his phone number after being told the conversation would be recorded (bit.ly/2boupVZ). Bongino hung up after losing his temper and shouting “shut the fuck up! … Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit! … Motherfucker!”
    If you want to go straight to two minutes’ worth of F-bomb fireworks, go to 15:15
    Video by Daniel Ducassi

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  • Bradley Beck
    Bradley Beck Great to see a fellow Queens College alum in the news!
    • jakeman0x0
      jakeman0x0 when you record a conversation without other person knowing about is a crime. This guy needs to be in jail.
      • TheGASMass
        • Jacob Cazares
          Jacob Cazares The interviewer is highly condescending and it's provoking the interviewee
          • Jimichan
            Jimichan It's not like I'm a fan of Dan Bongino, but I totally get what he is saying. This reporter definitely has "verbal diarrhea." He continually interrupts, talks over, and badgers the interviewee. It would make me angry too. I would have just hung up.
            • Tim Wolfe
              Tim Wolfe +Jimichan "I would have just hung up." See, right there you show how you are already a more competent candidate than Bongino.
              The reporter definitely would have been better off coming on less hostile -- even though the preceding events suggest it was warranted -- but a good candidate will defuse a situation, and take the high road. Bongino just devolved and flailed around.
            • Emmanuel Vencesbarrueta
              Emmanuel Vencesbarrueta "I would have just hung up"
              Then you are more qualified for public office than Bongino
            • Jester\'s Sketchbook
              Jester's Sketchbook +HBB lol "My mind is better educated than yours" What are you gonna say next "I have the best words"?
            • Jimichan
              Jimichan No, it is insulting and impolite to interrupt, badger and provoke anyone.
              As I said, I am no fan of the GOP, but I thought he at least attempted to address the issue of who his contributors are. He started to say that those who contributed small amounts to his campaign would prefer to remain anonymous, as is their right, but he was continually interrupted.
              The candidate, who has never held elected office, seems to have moved to Florida with the specific aim of running in a congressional race. He moved to an East coast city that is over 100 miles away from Naples, which is on the West coast. When his chances didn't look very good over there, he decided to run in this district. These are two very different locations (or at least they used to be).
              I don't support him, but I loathe the tactics and demeanor of this reporter.
            • gishki emilia
              gishki emilia +Jimichan I have to disagree, the candidate did not give the answer the reporter was looking for. So the reporter did what he had to and intereupt Dan in order to stay on topic, instead of rambling. Sure it may have been a bit rude, and there could've been a more polite way to handle the situation overall, but what Dan said throughout the "interview" was uncalledfor, and lost the total respect of the reporter Marc. Once respect is lost, thered no need for politeness in this situation.
          • Michael Mercado
            Michael Mercado Is it just me or does the interviewer sound like a pissed Kermit the Frog
            • Gravitationalist
              Gravitationalist The reporter's conduct here was extremely unprofessional. Did he get his degree at Kmart?
            • Neil Frick
              Neil Frick Congratulations, you've single-handedly lowered my respect for all journalists.
              • Rodger Snyder
                Rodger Snyder The reporter is the one unwilling to hear what he knows is actually informative for him to report... yet it's not the sound bite he wants to match his agenda.
                This is a good example of media bias batch job style reporting.
                The fact that the reporter actually is posting this is what is surprising to me since he is clearly straining at a nat and ignoring the elephant in the room.
                Mark is the jerk in this conversation. imo
                • K2Karakoram
                  K2Karakoram No. As the reporter clearly pointed out over and over again the information given was NOT relevant to the question which was the specific story that Dan said was "propaganda" because the story didn't say what Dan alleged.
                  You're just another right-winger who can't with one of your own being exposed so much so whip out the old "media bias" BS response.
              • MidNight DarkChocolate
                MidNight DarkChocolate This guy is such a troll he reminds me of Ownage Prank's.