Inside the Hill reveals Democrats' secret Supreme Court "backpack" plan

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  • Binit Kumar Sahu
    Binit Kumar Sahu TRUMP 2020. That's all I'm gonna say.
    • Major Tom
      Major Tom A dirty kind of war is fought,
      When power is the prize.
      Craftily - your mind is bought.
      In-front of your own eyes.
      Protagonists, villains, saints,
      The cast is full and bulging.
      Pain - as honour taints,
      I find it so indulging.
      • Steven
        Steven At this point politics is as big a joke as this cartoon. People are seriously gonna lose all respect for the proccess because its pretty obvious its on the same level as Trumps education. Right around 4th grade i suspect going by his ability, or inability to speak and spell simple grade school level words.
        • wily wascal
          wily wascal It is dishonorable, dishonest, and highly hypocritical for Republicans to renege on their pledge about nominating SCOTUS justices in an election year. But, we already knew they were dishonorable, dishonest, and highly hypocritical power-obsessed hyper-partisan political hacks disgracing themselves, their party, and Congress.
          • Ian Rastall
            Ian Rastall Schmidt is not amused.
            • Sherry Stewart
              Sherry Stewart But But But ...THOUSANDS HAVE ALREADY VOTED. We are IN an election. You don't try to do this DURING an election!!! Read the U.S. Constitution!!! HONOR Justice Ginsberg. Shame on the Republicans!
              • Moira Martingale
                Moira Martingale I don’t think ridiculing Democrats for their sense of fairness and motivation to uphold justice is good or amusing satire at this historic point in the dissolution of the essential principles of American democracy by the Republican Party. But I’m sure some viewers will laugh off their MAGA hats, perceiving only a huge piss-take of the Dems made helpless by the sort of immoral cheating by Trump and McConnell that they, with their own sense of political integrity in this matter, had not anticipated.
                • Luis Martinez
                  Luis Martinez Fair? The only thing republicans care about is saving their own skin. Their skin will be the first thing that goes in hell.
                  • Judith Smith
                    Judith Smith Fair?
                    The only thing Republikkkans care about is pandering to wealthy corporations! They don't give a rats patootie about "We The People!"
                • Sweet Priyanka Chopra
                  Sweet Priyanka Chopra Nice than obvious
                  • Mark Williams