Here Are the 3 Women Trump Might Nominate to the Supreme Court | The Glenn Beck Program

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  • Tony Alexander
    Tony Alexander Ever notice Rightwing Women are hotter than the lift ones and smarter by a long shot !
    • Porg liberation movement
      Porg liberation movement A 2020 democratic party victory replacement's:
      1. Stormy Daniels
      2. Michael avaniti
      3. DNC Queen Hillary Clinton the 1st
      4. Robert Muller
      • Francisco Sa
        • NF NF
          NF NF Trump 2020
          • StarAnyse
            StarAnyse I've heard that they can bypass "hearings" ~ is this true?
            • Jan Birk
              Jan Birk Regarding Ruth Bader Ginsburg:
              RBG may have looked like ‘a little sweet old lady’, but looking so, didn’t make her so, unfortunately. RBGs vicious and activist legislating from the bench, helped facilitate the brutal mass slaughter and murder of millions and millions of innocent children resting peacefully in their mother’s womb. What RBG helped create must be dismantled in order to remove the stain she and the leftist cohort she ran with, inflicted on America, and the first step in this is to vote for President Trump come November 3.
              Godspeed in saving your great country, the greatest country the world has ever seen, from the crazy left trying to take it over. But you have to do something about it. The Danish people didn’t and just stood buy in apathy for decades, watching the left dismantle our country until it was too late, because they were more worried about style, ceremony and symbolism, than substance. Don’t behave like this, and don’t let this happen to America, or all hope is gone. Vote for Trump.
              • Rob Machado
                Rob Machado The Islam embracing democrats are focusing on Coney and attacking her religious beliefs.... Islam states it will end Christianity....and maybe he will say another name.... how will the democrats redirect their hatred and lie campaign and not be obvious?
                • cwcobo
                  cwcobo I'm with you Glenn, feeling better about all three candidates after this interview.
                  • Gary C. Mercer
                    Gary C. Mercer I like. All these women!!!
                    • Grady Phillips
                      Grady Phillips President will get his nominee confirmed before November 3rd,2020