Mark Levin 9-3-2020 l The Mark Levin Show September 03, 2020 l Mark Levin Audio Rewind

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  • Paolo Rosario
    Paolo Rosario Joe ! THE SLEEPER HAS A Problem its a delirium ! ..... 100years covid ! a lot of people saying the democrats its a nuts antifa factory !!!!!!
    • Dounghatai Wataim
      Dounghatai Wataim Everybody​ says​ there's​ a​ systemic racism​ problem​ agree​ blm​ and​ leftists​ are​ crazy
      • Jane deBelleville
        Jane deBelleville A question for you Mr. Levin: Considering we are looking at a long drawn out election result stemming from obvious DemocratIc Party fraud...If violence from the left escalates from the election Nov. 3 to January 20th, can President Trump then invoke the Insurrection Act? If he does, will Nancy Pelosi be able to take office under those conditions?