Ingraham: Are Americans starting to tune out blue state politicians?

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  • Frankenstein
    Frankenstein This crap must end now. We have had enough all data proves the exact opposite of what the fake media is telling us we are sick and tired of the lies.
    • Blinding You With Science
      Blinding You With Science @Vinny Mac So you completely ignore how a virus infects a system? Which in the case of Covid19 attacks your pulmonary system which includes your lungs, which are in fact organs? Your ignorance to facts is not an argument.
      UV light is not a disinfectant. ROFL. Your mom must be proud to have raised one as dense as you. Do you need the video of the press briefing? I'll even use Fox as the source, not that it will help you in any way. Cuvoto of Fox Business even stated it exactly as Trump stated and that it was in no way sarcasm, it was given as if he were stating it as a fact, and that is coming from Fox.
      I sense you are mad that you provided an idiotic claim, got called on it, and proven to be the idiot you truly are. No amount of back-peddling will help you. You got proved to be an idiot, so deal with it.
    • censored girl
      censored girl ... on EVERYTHING
    • censored girl
      censored girl @Wendell Dillard
      And we also have numerous reports of people being pressured to classify *ALL DEATHS* as CV.
    • Wendell Dillard
      Wendell Dillard @censored girl believe that report. It's all going to go away like a miracle but we have millions of useless pills on tax dollars.
    • censored girl
      censored girl @Wendell Dillard
      I certainly believe the various random people over any Gubmint "official".
  • Linda Nitzschke
    Linda Nitzschke I'd have loved to see that gal signing for Gov. Newsome just turn and give him the finger with both hands!!
    • Chris Anderson
      Chris Anderson The data does lie when those giving it are lying.
      THEGEMMINT Watching democrat officials doing what they always do! Spending someone else’s money while disrespecting the source!
      • Rj D
        Rj D "Beaches?" It was ONE beach in the OC. You know, entitled, selfish, etc.,
        • Colleen
          Colleen A VERY healthy activity on every level - definitely not condusive to subjugating a population.
        • Rj D
          Rj D @Charles Anthony 103? It's May in California, not Mars.
        • Charles Anthony
          Charles Anthony @Rj D : You've obviously never lived in California before. I've seen 90+ in December.
        • Rj D
          Rj D @Charles Anthony I don't go to the crowded beaches (where it hits 90+)
        • Charles Anthony
          Charles Anthony Rj D : I'm not talking about beaches (although I haven't gone to the Beach in over 16 years. I typically stay up till dawn before a 100+ and sleep through). I'm talking about California. The southern half of California is actually a desert.
      • marcmarc1967
        marcmarc1967 I still don't see how getting in your car and driving around, anywhere, spreads the virus in any way.
        • Pg Ahyy
          Pg Ahyy Besides, drink Lysol and everything will be ok
        • Jesse Bowman
          Jesse Bowman well, it depends on whether or not you fart a lot. as you know, rhinos and elephants fart a lot. like a to. the cholera epidemic (which started in 1920) was started by elephants running around in their cars and farting in the faces of young business-people. stay away from elephant farts man. eat some vegetation, drink some smoothies and be at peace.
        • Steven Iodice
          Steven Iodice Exhaust fumes. COVID! :)))
        • Trixie 05
          Trixie 05 It doesn't. They dumbocrats want you to believe it does to control you!
        • Scott1 3ac
          Scott1 3ac @Steteorype so 3 weeks have gone by and you still cant figure out what to say about the articles i sent you and it looks like your information has been wrong all along hah! Fool
        • Jeremy Donohew
          Jeremy Donohew This has been the case for a long time, debt debt debt, credit needs to go
          • goldfinch12
            goldfinch12 The same circus and the same clown's performance , total absence of reality.
            • Pam King
              Pam King The people on the beaches were far enough apart
              • One divbypi
                One divbypi Sun kills it, volley ball might be a bad idea.
                Like the Easter egg hunt or bobbing for donuts.
                Its definitely higher in high population areas.
                The only thing unique about New York is it doesn't shut down at night and probably has the most people with no car. The rent is to high to stop working either. DVD...
                Donny Virus Denial will survive on surfaces in the dark much longer.