Schumer reacts to Trump nominating Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

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  • Allen Myers
    Allen Myers There is no global warming. We are going into a grand solar minimum. That's why they call it climate change now. Plus the Democrats senator that made up global warming said I quote "by 2020 there will no longer be snow anywhere" and look they had snow last week in denver. Democrats are FN liers!
    • Love In The Sun
      Love In The Sun I didn't expect the salt to flow this early and I ain't complaining.
      • al2000on
        al2000on What a pot of croak. Chucky didn't even manage to sound convincing.
        • Simon Templar
          Simon Templar If the lefty swamp monster of the deep has all of this bull to say, President Trump nominated the right Judge. GO AMY GO!!! :) :)
          • J Freeman
            J Freeman Their plan should have been not to say a word about the selection..that would have freaked me out...but as you know you can't find a Democrat who will always have something to say negative about something or somebody...
          • Brandon Simp
            Brandon Simp You are such an awkward nerd.
          • Simon Templar
            Simon Templar @Brandon Simp
            Your last name fits you perfectly.
        • Z&N F & S & J
          Z&N F & S & J *Mr. Chuck Schumer, you're Demons are showing.*
          • Scott Greer
            Scott Greer Chucky, the Eagles have a song you need to hear, "Get Over It."
            • David x
              David x By this logic, every American has already been HURT by the OLD court, going back to 1973. How many lives were aborted since then?
              • Rocky Slope
                Rocky Slope @rogerwilco99 , and Chief Justice John Roberts is "iffy," based on his initial support of ACA, as a "right to tax" by Congress, a 5-4 decision. Personally, I think that's where the court stands, 5-4 in favor of conservative associate justices; Roberts leads this court from the minority now.
              • Tim Scheiter
                Tim Scheiter Roberts wanted to be the swing vote. Looks like he can take a seat with minority now.
              • Mark P
                Mark P @Rocky Slope wait, what? roe v wade was decided in 1973. Pretty sure nixon didn't do 7 appointments between 69 and 73.
              • Rocky Slope
                Rocky Slope @Mark P, You're right not all 7 supporters were Nixon's but three of them were: Burger, Blackmun, and Powell. 2 others were Eisenhower's (Nixon was VP), Brennan and Stewart; and one FDR, Douglas, and one LBJ, Marshall.
              • Sharon Phillips
                Sharon Phillips What i read, 30 million babies aborted since RBG.
            • cherry eddy
              cherry eddy He's so full of BS. Time for him to retired.
              • Christian Hucks
                Christian Hucks This guy is like nails on a chalk board!
                • 01GTB Daily
                  01GTB Daily These clowns love to try and scare people by hitting all the buzz words lol