Asymptomatic cases NOT infectious! Greg Kelly Newsmax TV's Dr. David B. Samadi breaks it down

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  • Bobby Michaels
    Bobby Michaels Outdated video already debunked.
    • Bobby Michaels
      Bobby Michaels
    • Sir Friendzone
      Sir Friendzone The number of new cases keeps climbing.
      • fritz reimer
        fritz reimer Corona = fart, fart and more fart.
        Mind infection.
        Just a tool to scare peeps to justify taking control, get willing subordination, the unwilling use brute force, its coming.
        • Rick Root
          Rick Root This video references a clip from the WHO on June 8th in which they said asymtomatic spread is "very rare"... which doesn't mean "not infectious" ... plus, the WHO clarified their statements the very next day, saying "we simply don't have the data to say that it is not being spread asymptomatically"
          Shameful to share videos like this.
        • Dolphin Shooter
          Dolphin Shooter Go figure.
          • Soraya Sanchez
            Soraya Sanchez Look how happy Samadi, urologist talking about COVID. You have no idea, be supported by the articles of others.
            • Robadoba84
              Robadoba84 Key information. When was this aired? 4 weeks ago (first on YouTube in Bloomberg Market and Finance). Not breaking news by any stretch of imagination.
            • Marian B.
              Marian B. The contradicting messages and reports, statements and views, of experts in the medical field or hospital staff that's working "hands on the bed" the latter are true witnesses with no intention to twist the truth or deny it, though they may be forced to shut up, the lack of clarity in itself is, to me, a sign that division, bad news followed by happy news with a sea-saw effect on human minds, and other confusing tactics are a deliberate strategy to keep humanity in the dark. At the same time, we're waking up fast, if it's not by the hard way, it's by being informed and investigate a variety of sources. I recommend avoiding Facebook and MSM, talk to real people, ask others, who live in other parts of the world, to describe their lives, the real facts.
              • Ghazwa Naboulsi