"Fact-Checker" Chris Wallace Could Not Be A More Pathetic Debate Moderator

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    ON YOUR ASS Wallace was a total double bag.
  • Mr. X
    Mr. X President Trump entered the octagon and handled CW first and worked Biden the whole night long.
    1st place went to Trump. 2nd place went to Wallace
    3rd place went to “where am I Biden”
    • William Gates
      William Gates Sleepy joe was on uppers that is the only explanation for him even standing that long and he kept looking at his notes and never answered the question about the damocrats would load up the Supreme court, he tap-danced around all the questions.
      • betondo fukutu
        betondo fukutu That's why I vote for Trump. He's a lion and a fighter.
        Reagan was an effective conservative leader, but he wasn't a brawler like Trump is.
        • Suzie Q
          Suzie Q When I heard Wallace was moderating I didn't even bother to watch. I did go watch some later. When Chris drinks a cup of Joe we know he laps up the Biden brand.
          • JoJo Girl
            JoJo Girl Do you ever sleep???
            I expected much more from this debate. I was surprised how well Biden performed compared to his last few appearances
            Although it look like he was listening to someone in his ear and that he was about to fall asleep
            • C R
              C R Biden had notes (who brings notes to a debate?) , plus his eyes were dilated. He had been given questions ahead of time, don't care what Wallace claimed.
            • ChaCha Dodds
              ChaCha Dodds He was very likely drugged. Biden, that is. It's an old Washington trick.
          • Teddy Lagace
            Teddy Lagace Joe stuck to Alinsky's playbook
            • anna belle
              anna belle Wallace's questions presumed the assumption that "progressive ideology" was an inherently good thing.
              This assumption advantaged Biden.
              • W Wis
                W Wis Cancel FOX like netflix and hulu, turn them off!!
                • Bv Kronenberg
                  Bv Kronenberg Trump did well. He got Biden to admit he is not in support of any of Bernie’s progressive issues. The Green New Deal, Universal Health Care both were rejected by Biden.
                  Progressives have no reason to vote. Good Trump.