Fox Nation Happy Hour

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  • Sdfe Tcho
    Sdfe Tcho Ohh faux gets funny! Sip the kool-aid before the propaganda....hmmmm
    • Brown Door
      Brown Door We won’t watch the biased Fox News again until Chris DNC Wallace is gone
      • Dr Brown
        Dr Brown Oh try the award winning Doc Brown Really Bad Rum
        • joanne houseman
          joanne houseman Beet juice has sooooo much sugar in it.
          • Russell Waldie
            Russell Waldie Great Snow White!!
            • nuran arrowood
              nuran arrowood I LKE PERDU STOP LYIN ABOUT HIM
              • Larry Kempton
                Larry Kempton Does anybody think wallace is a lying sob ?
                • D P
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                    • Shirly Newberry
                      Shirly Newberry So over 5 min. of them talking about what they're drinking. I'm out. Waste of time.