The Five 09/03/20 | Fox News September 03 2020 | The Five Full | Silent Kings

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  • Kay Layton
    Kay Layton I’m so glad Juan is not on . I think Dana is beautiful Jessie is a blast Greg is awesome . This is a political crime against our President. Biden bites the dust , so creepy Juan needs to wake up what he says about our president makes me wanna knock him off his chair
    • JH JH
      JH JH There will we an uprising if you try it again
      • Lucky Ademola
        Lucky Ademola Throw that Jessica out!!!
        • JH JH
          JH JH Her voice drives me crazy
          • Always Unlimited
            Always Unlimited The five is scraping the bottom of the barrel having the clown operative Tarlov on the show.
            • Silent Kings
              Silent Kings Fox is now copyrighting and taking down Full Tucker shows, so Follow the Silent Kings name, the account might change but this message must be delivered.
              F them and their strings on monetization!
              I do this cause Its needed, in a time where history will remember that the TRUTH was silenced!
              They can't Silent Me!
              No control!
              No submit!
              Never Agree...
              A Silent King ( or Queen)
              Never bends the knee!!!
              Profile pic will always be the same...
              Go out of your way to find the
              SILENT KINGS
              • Silent Kings
                Silent Kings First youtube took down my anti-BLM protest videos....where all I showed is what they are doing...nothing graphic some pushing.
                No strike, no copyright, no violation just said against its "guidelines" I had them for 18 and over to.
                They are now not even following their own rules.
                No Submit!
              • socobliss
                socobliss Just don't flag yourself by being patriotic or conservative in any way. They take those channels down fast. YT hates us. MAGA 2020. God willing.
              • Silent Kings
                Silent Kings @socobliss yeah....have you even seen the rejects CNN uploads? They are posting anti-trump all day, with audio commentary, and out right lies..but apparently do not post raw footage Silent protest videos that just happen to show b l. M getting resistance.....
                Oh well I am going to do it anyway I guess I shouldn't complain about it!
              • Granma barb
                Granma barb Silent Kings thank you for sharing.
              • robert hill
                robert hill I dropped cable January 1 2020 saving 140$ a month every single show on cable TV is why we are a degenerate ignorant nation now... that said TRUMP 2020.