Michael Savage 9/11/20 - The Savage Nation Podcast September 11, 2020

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  • EyeWitnessChina
    EyeWitnessChina This guy is getting worse and worse. He had one main concept that he failed to really electorate on. A lose theme that he repeated over and over again but failed to put it into the correct context. He also failed to electorate on the deport meaning. The remainder of the show was about promoting his book. And a rehash of parts of the previous show. I doubt he can do a full hour. I’ve got news for you, Michael. Real news. You aren’t half as brilliant as you keep proclaiming to be. If you want to listen to a great podcast, listen to Mark Levin.
    • joseph pace
      joseph pace hes getting old 10 or 20 years ago no 1 could touch him listen to his older shows there great this guy made me a conservative and he got trump elected not hannity not limbaugh
    • Skeptigal
      Skeptigal "Electorate on"?
  • FalconInFlight
    FalconInFlight President Trump is the antithesis of your teaching Dr. M.S. Voting Matters LOL But he is the only one to vote for in our corrupt voting process.
    • Dragblacker
      Dragblacker Did Savage get into another "I don't like Trump" moods because Trump doesn't call him?
    • Sanusie Barrie
      Sanusie Barrie I wounded how savage support trump Cuz trump has no ideology he only cares about $$$$
    • Mark P
      Mark P @Dragblacker Maybe Savage realises how useless Trump has been the last 4 years ?
      Trump IS THE PRESIDENT - The buck stops with him on every issue
    • Dragblacker
      Dragblacker @Mark P But he'll still vote for him and make his "impassioned plea to the Eddies and Ediths to vote again", the same people he trashes as "uneducated" if they disagree with him on air or on Twitter.
  • Johnny B
    Johnny B In prospective: The death throws of an irrelevant ideology proven historically to be destructive force against humanity, backed by a satanic NWO ideology centuries in the making with old school $ and driven by modern medical & social technocracy driving the tip of the spear at the foundation of western ideology, freedom and liberty- that is the challenge facing America at the moment. Pick a side - that's all!
  • Skeptigal
    Skeptigal Oh, Michael, FFS, stop blathering non-stop about Trump and Hannity! You sound like a lover scorned.
  • Johnny B
    Johnny B Mike - you're describing the same (1984) playbook the NWO old-school money has produced throughout the ages, nothing new here but the tactics have changed i.e. pedofilia, social media, medical & social media technocracy - - just new means to push an old agenda. The GOOD news is under "our movement" and the same mechanisms -they CAN'T hide anymore and most everyone in America and world wide GETS IT!
    • Murilo Reducino
      • Jenny Lee
        Jenny Lee Isnt it the Electoral College that chooses the President?
        • William hkailmo
          William hkailmo the counters determine the results,......keep counting, keep counting.
        • ChristianBolt
          ChristianBolt Eddie came out in 2016. Today there are more Eddies than ever before.
          • Kash Mccoy
            Kash Mccoy Been listening to savage since mid 90s, him , Limbaugh, hannity, you will him them talk about our democracy, never will they talk about our republic, in a republic you have rights, in a democracy you have priviledges, no where in the bill of rights or the constitution does the word Democracy exist, that's why we have the problems of today, these 3 keep the lie going, people wake up, there are no right's in a democracy, smoke on that
            • Priscilla Oneil
              Priscilla Oneil Well there are soon to be no rights in this republic. As Ben Franklin said, “it’s a republic if you can keep it.” He knew way back then. Smoke on that