Kamala Harris accuses Trump of 'jamming through' Barrett during Senate hearing

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  • Mary Rine- marybel7
    Mary Rine- marybel7 When did this happen. This is not happening now. Everyone can vote why do democracts always bring this up. Race card
  • Minh Trinh
    Minh Trinh We're do not instresting even one word from HARRIS. She's Troulble again.
    • RichardCorral
      RichardCorral "people are scared" Thats her wish
    • Greg Werner
      Greg Werner Can’t stand Harris. She started smiling. Then got shut the f down. Lol
      • WKAL
        WKAL Harris wont answer any questions either so why should anyone answer her questions...
        • Moss Stirling
          • James Ivy
            James Ivy @Sirpoopsalot thats an assumption on your behalf and another obvious example of liberals slandering unfounded to try to silence a varying opinion. Its alot harder to state facts to rebut when you have none that favors your opinion so y'all slander and call people racist or bigot etc. God bless you I harbour no ill will I just wish you could learn how to properly debate
          • Kevin Santich
            Kevin Santich Well this show is terrible and needs to be cancelled
          • Kevin Santich
            Kevin Santich @James Ivy who gives such a long winded response with zero substance?
          • James Ivy
            James Ivy @Kevin Santich what the hell does that even mean what kind of substance do you want? Probably pot you hippe ;) ? Once again another broad generalization
          • Kevin Santich
            Kevin Santich @James Ivy I find it super ironic and informative that the moment you're challenged you regress into slandering someone that doesnt favor your opinion... thank you for that
        • Dennis Long
          Dennis Long Harris is the love child of joe biden and maxine waters.
        • Logan Michael
          Logan Michael Funny that she'll go and comment on cases she's ruled on but is quick to change the subject to climate change and not let her answer what she was called out on.
          • 007girl
            007girl Someone get Harris a mental evaluation. See the way she conducts herself slamming down the folder and bouncing around very unstable.
            • GIL
              GIL Because Kamala did all that talking and it was a huge waste of time.
            • Star Gazer
              Star Gazer Up against Amy Barrett you can see just how classless Harris is.
            • angel calica
              angel calica 007girl, HOrse radish Harris brain is marijuana fried.
            • Stratchona
              Stratchona If she thinks climate change is a matter of politics that says enough. Surprised she didn’t deny covid too.
              Almost like: "Is the world round?" "I resent the fact that you're pushing me to confirm an obvious fact because there are flat-earthers."
              It's terrifying that a woman with such a poor ability to rationally evaluate evidence is even considered for the highest court in the nation.
            • 007girl
              007girl @Stratchona as a sitting judge you are aware they have guidelines that will not let them state, criticize, or give personal opinions to any subjects, or president that come before the courts. So climate change is an issue that happens to be before courts. Amy Barrett is highly intelligent and doesn't need a law book to refer back to she literally knows laws, the constitution and trials off the top of her head. I would say that pretty freaking impressive.
          • GainesMediaInc
            GainesMediaInc Kamala Harris: l'm a lawyer.
            ACB: l'm a BETTER lawyer.

            Yeah. Like a MILLION times better...