Trump hits out at 'corrupt Obama-Biden administration, Hunter's Ukraine dealings, lamestream media'

  • US President Donald Trump says there has never been an administration more corrupt than the Obama-Biden administration following explosive documents revealing Hunter Biden's business dealings with a Ukrainian energy company.
    "We've just learned through explosive documents published by a very fine newspaper, the New York Post, that Joe Biden has been blatantly lying about his involvement in his son's corrupt business dealings," he said.
    Mr Trump said Mr Biden appeared during the presidential debate and denied the claims - stating they had been discredited - but said it was a lie that proved he was a corrupt politician who shouldn't be allowed to run for the presidency.
    "This is a big smoking gun. The newly uncovered emails reveal that a top executive from the highly questionable Ukraine company - it's an energy company - which paid Hunter at least $50,000 a month, but it looks like it could be $183,000 a month," he said.
    "Despite the fact he had absolutely no experience, knew nothing about energy, wrote to Hunter arranging for a meeting to meet with vice president Joe Biden ... I've been saying this about that family for a long time.
    "In other words, Hunter was being paid for access to his vice president father who was specifically put in charge of Ukraine and Russia."
    Mr Trump said the Russia hoax turned out to really be a feature of the Democrat's dealings rather than his administration.
    "I was pressing Joe Biden to tell the truth because the corrupt lamestream media ... they refused to write the story," he said.
    "There wasn't one time in almost four years during my presidency, during the greatest political scandal in US history, a witch hunt ... and people should pay for the crimes they committed ... which turned out to be a total illegal hoax.
    "False and libellous stories every day, and they knew they were false too, they were never taken down by Twitter or Facebook or the mainstream media, yet with Biden today, they take negative posts down almost before they even go up."
    President Trump pointed to the fact White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's Twitter account was locked for "reporting the truth" by sharing the Biden article to her feed.

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  • Marc Battaglia
    Marc Battaglia The truth shale set America free
    • Be Nice
      Be Nice Do you think gerrymandering is rigging our elections?
      • Maria López
        Maria López Twitter has to be banned by everyone because they have a big BIAS.
      • Stupidis Asstupiddoes
        Stupidis Asstupiddoes Joe Byden is my name and it is time to say good by.
        • Moe Cook
          Moe Cook He's the man he lives America and I love him what he's doing for us
          • Peter Mungo Jupp
            Peter Mungo Jupp How could any American vote for that totally corrupt and creepy BIDEN family. Trump is such a breath of fresh air against the gangsters in Wahington DC. Go for it TRUMPY Australia loves you !
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            Eva Leszczynska The swamp is on fire! Time to luck them up for what they did to UNITED STATES and American people
            • Pub Comrad
              Pub Comrad Whichever candidate is toughest on China
              • charlotte barnes
                charlotte barnes I have never seen crowd's like are PRESIDENT he is so loved
              • May Green
                May Green You think the people voting for the Democrats would be smart enough to know that they are lying cheating stealing trying to get out of being prosecuted everything that comes out of Biden's mouth is a lie. He's been involved in nothing but scandalous Acts for the 40-something years he's been stealing from different governments. They are trying so hard to hide Death Proof next day even have the truth deleted before you have a chance to read it. He taught his son Hunter everything he knows about how to be a crook. There are so many Democrats involved interruption that they cannot even sleep at night and it's all the top heads in the CIA the FBI the doj and the Democratic Party it's big and they have a lot of power behind them. They're trying everything they can to win the election so they can keep their asses out of prison. And the one that I want to see first in prison is Hillary Clinton one of the top dog in this setup scandal then Barack Obama the one that's been setting up America to bring it down this whole time they said he was a crook in the beginning and boy did he prove them right.