LIVE: President Donald Trump in Des Moines, IA #Iowa

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  • crushyourbones
    crushyourbones Hello From Des Moines
    • Kevin armstrong
      Kevin armstrong Canadian for Trump . I want to say to American people: you are so lucky to have freedom and to have your President-Trump to fight for American’s great future.
    • Carla Johnston
      Carla Johnston You are the MAN for the job ❤️
      • John Panagiotopoulos
        John Panagiotopoulos They wished him dead and now he is dancing in their faces. I love it, dance president Trump dance.
        • David Tamayo
          David Tamayo It’s a shame how much the hateful left has attacked us by attacking our President
          • Kudana Vadmont
            Kudana Vadmont trump tries to ally himself with Saudi Arabia.
            Hope you like this list.....
        • Steve Lauria
          Steve Lauria 52:15 Republicans and everyone need to understand what court packing means because I feel like many people don’t
          It doesn’t mean appointing vacant positions with your choice. It would mean Biden could ignore the 9 person Supreme Court and just add 5 more seats.
          It’s something that is technically allowed but no president has ever done. When FDR, who was wildly popular, tried it, everyone on the left and right shot it down.
          • Great American
            Great American Must have only been sent to union farmers. You mean, THE MONEY, FARMING INDUSTRY?
            • justin jones
              justin jones As a Mexican American, I've never felt patriotic until I've heard Donald Trump speak. He is truly a fighter for the American people. Never loved a celebrity/politician in my life until he proved the whole world wrong by doing a better job than any other president in US history. He's an absolute behemoth.
              • cc_09 c
                cc_09 c Any other first time voters out here? Trump 2020 no question
                • Ray Conger
                  Ray Conger 31:33. Donns hat and ditches tie. He sounded better.