'The Five' shred Biden over 'transition from oil' comment during debate

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  • articmars1
    articmars1 Joe: i am gona make china pay! ( me 10% )
  • Dj Twist
    Dj Twist Joe Biden: “When I was growing up there was a chemical factory polluting the air and river and the towns people were getting sick” What happend Joe? Why didn’t you help them while 47 years in government?Forgot about the small folk while you hit the big time ay. You did nothing for 47 years while we got sick and died Joe
    • Vaughn 2018
      Vaughn 2018 Trump: "Would you get rid of the oil industry"?
      BammaJoe: "I will transition from oil, yes.
      Moderator: "Why would you do that" ?
      I have no idea why I laughed at that but I did.
      • Julie R
        Julie R Juan looks like a fool when like the MSM he tries to cover for Joe “the big man” Biden.
        • Nick Kelemen
          Nick Kelemen The host said “why would you do that” because she was surprised
          • westbender 820
            westbender 820 @Bohan Xu A desperate stretch.
          • Bohan Xu
            Bohan Xu ​@AdeToz wait. actually you are right about US coal usage going down...although the down-trend has been the same ever since obama took office.
            also trump's rhetoric is "bring coal back"... well at least we are lucky that trump didn't do what he promised...
          • Joe Biden
            Joe Biden @Bohan Xu this time is actually different, new technology will wipe out jobs for good
          • Bohan Xu
            Bohan Xu @westbender 820 huh? I'm just saying.. transition to a energy system that is predominantly nuclear or renewable is pretty doable. many countries already did it. US is already behind.
          • Bohan Xu
            Bohan Xu @Joe Biden
            okay... I mean when human developed farming. One can say similar stuff like "say that to the people that would lose their hunting/fruitGathering job if ... win". or you can say the same thing about telegraph translator (the transition from telegraph to telephone).

            My point is, when humanity make progress (changes), sometimes people doing the old technology would lose their jobs...but the technology improvement is still overall good.
        • Burnell Zimmerman
          Burnell Zimmerman Biden's ears are always tuned to Trump's words. Sharp ears. Blurts out "show the tape!"
          • D Won
            D Won Lol and tape gets shown ...reeeeeeeee
          • Burnell Zimmerman
            Burnell Zimmerman @D Won yep, savage how trump gets the other team to ask for exactly what he wants. I think Joe would show himself stronger could he tune Trump put and continue his points instead.
        • Angel Khuu
          Angel Khuu “Juan,don’t let reality get in the way of campaign promises “ I like Dana stated that
          • craqattack
            craqattack True, she learnt from Trump. "Mexico will pay for the wall" - "Dont let reality get in the way of campaign promises"
        • Christopher Webb
          Christopher Webb Juan, Juan, Juan...when u speak I don't listen as everything u say in defence of the indefensible is insanity personified!
          • J P
            J P Such great entertainment ! !! Loving it from Canada. Canadians for Trump.
            • Barber Man
              Barber Man Come down here and vote, lol.
            • J P
              J P With all the mail in spoiled trump ballots maybe we can slips a few in. The Democrats are using non citizens residents to vote for Biden , why can't the Republicans use Canadian votes?
            • Matt Douglas
              Matt Douglas Not really great entertainment... canada Is already a communist country ... we have our own Biden... ours takes bribes from foreign countries to stack our welfare system with refugees.. this election will have a ripple effect.. pray trump wins and Trudeau gets voted out come our election...
          • Tyler Thompson
            Tyler Thompson Man, I wish we had some "global warming/climate change" up here in Wisconsin! LOL! We just got a snow blizzard.
            • Mickey Costley
              Mickey Costley That's why I laugh at those that take it too seriously. "The sky is falling!"
              NICHOLAS DUFRENE SCHWARZBECK Weather: the state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc.
              Climate: the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.
            • Charles Ball
              Charles Ball And right there you demonstrate a total ignorance of global warming. I'll let you research how global warming can cause harsher winter conditions for yourself.
            • BJK
              BJK Considering that the human population of the world has doubled since 1970, there is very little any single nation can do to change the trajectory of global warming / climate change. Without China, India, Russia, the EU, Brazil and the United States on board, nothing we do in isolation will matter.
            • Charles Ball
              Charles Ball @BJK Then we'd better get them on board, instead of bailing out of agreements and whining "it's too hard!"