LISTEN: Lee Greenwood, US soldiers release new version of 'God Bless the USA'

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  • Yvonne Grivas
    Yvonne Grivas Beautiful!! This song always makes me so emotional. This rendition was even more meaningful to me. Congratulations on a job well done! :-)
    • CTS 2.0
      CTS 2.0 1k dislikes? Really? God bless the USA and POTUS! TRUMP/PENCE 2020
      • Dirk Jung
        Dirk Jung wait: only one black singer? that's institutional racism. let's riot and loot!
        • Nanette Johnson
          Nanette Johnson Love your new version. To the 1k who gave a thumbs down...whats wrong with you?
          • avvo
            avvo I'm Canadian and I'm proud to be your neighbor.
          • Grandma Kris
            Grandma Kris Chills to my body and tears to my eyes! What a beautiful rendition of this amazing sung! Thank you!
            • Andrew Trapani
              Andrew Trapani Posted this on Facebook. God Bless The USA
              • Cinde Poore-Murphy
                Cinde Poore-Murphy Wow, that was awesome!! So beautiful. We don't hear it enough. KAG2020
                • Greg Sullivan
                  Greg Sullivan Great song! As a former Airman, I especially enjoyed seeing all of the current Airmen contributing to this recording.
                  • Kitch G
                    Kitch G I'm a Filipino who loves reading history and geography. I am always puzzled with American's patriotism and the will to sacrifice their life for other nation. The way american youths volunteered during world war II. It's just disheartening to watch the extreme lefts today destroying that values, begging to be socialist. I just hope rural america will not lose their values.
                    The world will always be indebted to America, it's so sad that some countries have forgotten that their peace was a gift by american veterans.
                    God bless America and thank you...
                    • Omar o
                      Omar o Well my philipino brother, WWII was that last true war. Give me a gun and ill fight too. But every was after that is just america flexing power and letting their imperialistic thoughts get ahead of them.
                      All wars after ww2 are pointless. Vietnam was over opium, gulf, Iraq was over oil.
                    • festivelady826
                      festivelady826 @Kitch G - I LOVE ALL YOUR COMMENTS!! You speak very intelligently and your words hit home, my friend. I pray that you are right! The loud group of snowflakes have stirred our patriotic hearts and we must defend America and all she stands for in the world. We are the land of the free because of the brave! God bless you and God bless America!!
                    • Geneva Allison
                      Geneva Allison You are very welcome. God b with you. Winder ga
                    • Timothy Henderson
                      Timothy Henderson I wish more people could see that view. We're constantly under attack by the world and the leftist. We've had problems but America has transformed the global economy and brought much of the world out of poverty. Just look at the progression of technology, science, wealth, etc. America isn't a race or ethnic group. It's a place built on an idea that all men are created equally with a right to liberty. It brings the best out in all people. When I see the flag I see freedom. Freedom is the greatest gift a man can have.
                    • Kitch G
                      Kitch G @Timothy Henderson most of those who attack you are the politicians from other countries for their image. But check their children, they are either studying in your Ivy league school living in luxury or in UK. Especially Asian countries, it is a prestege to have the children study in US or UK. Some of the regular people who can't or are not qualified to go there, but if they were giver a chance, they will definitely love to live there.