• armed Kenosha man open fire on antifa domestic terrorists to save own life and is prosecuted for it. real life purge

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  • Rick Pearson
    Rick Pearson the vid shows he defended himself...time served on this one
    • Brook Miller
      Brook Miller Ohio should have an open season on antifa!
      • TomTom TomTom
        TomTom TomTom Or at least still tags I mean they can make money off it I pay a hundred bucks to tag I'm buying more than one
      • TomTom TomTom
        TomTom TomTom That p**** protester was like running up to the cops telling them the story and she said it's like come on motherfuker the same guy that hates police is going to run for help f*** it let those motherfukers die in the street
      • TomTom TomTom
        TomTom TomTom @Jonathan Perley really I don't know that I would run out of him would it be honest
      • TomTom TomTom
        TomTom TomTom Yeah dumbass and let's defund the police see what a f****** happened
      • TomTom TomTom
        TomTom TomTom Antifas new slogan fund the police
    • Jack Luminous
      Jack Luminous The headline is alittle misleading. But.. The kid is a hero, he had plenty more rounds in that clip.
      Someone less disciplined would of / could of taken out a dozen
      • Snowzeus
        Snowzeus He’s probably lucky to be alive.
        • Duke\'s World
          Duke's World He had ever right to defend himself, He was running away from them. I'd shoot too and so would any sane person.
          • Wanda Allen
            Wanda Allen I just heard on the news that are several lawyers who want to defend him
          • Ape Rocker
            Ape Rocker That Brave Kid Should be A Marine!~GOD BLESS HIM!
            • The Texas Outlaw, Michael Saenz
              The Texas Outlaw, Michael Saenz Trump sent in “the troops” not to protect the citizens of Kenosha from the Rioters.
              We’re done messing around with these pos.
              • Johnny Reb
                Johnny Reb Shouldn't have been charged but if not dropped or convicted I think it's about time for our side to get together for some "peaceful protests".
                • Stevo bevo
                • Stevo bevo
                  Stevo bevo Already locked and loaded sir
                • Survivalist Dave
                  Survivalist Dave Reloading!
                • Margaret Olivares
                  Margaret Olivares I have so many people that would join that March we can do pro peacefully protest as well I can't believe we didn't do that when they shot the five year old last week did his life matter yes 74 year old that was deep trying to save his own shop this is life matter yes all lives matter except for black lives matter group the owner of this organization I think if they were to step aside we would have peacefully protesting but they're young kids in the street there an influence to them telling them they can get away with whatever they want I think parents need to step up and talk to their children and tell them that what's going on downtown and their cities is not right I think if I was a mother talking to my child I would say I didn't raise you this way this is not going to happen there's a better way of doing this for your voice to be heard really heard walk peacefully what's 1000 people is okay but to attack people and burn down buildings and take your own community I'm shocked the mindset of our kids use days black lives matter needs to be arrested they really do need to be arrested I think that would be the best thing ever is for all these people downtown burning and looting I think that if they sell black lives matter owner the founder the old bag of a white woman that runs this organization be rested I think would make an
                • Johnny Reb
                  Johnny Reb @Margaret Olivares you damn right
              • Anastasia m
                Anastasia m I am so sorry for the poor kid. I hope he can get a good lawyer, or if shtf happens somebody better break him out of there
                • Pat L
                  Pat L Well they did charge him with murder,
                  Which is harder to prove than manslaughter...
                  I hope he gets away with self defense.
                • Pam Westenbarger
                  Pam Westenbarger I heard but not fact checked, that Sandman's attorney will represent him
                • Stevo bevo
                  Stevo bevo Anastasia, is that your real picture? Wow!
                • Anastasia m
                  Anastasia m @Stevo bevo if I take this in a positive way, which I think you mean it that way , yes. as you can see from previous videos. its a year old though