Mitch McConnell: Spirit of bipartisanism around COVID relief has disappeared

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  • Michael Engleman
    Michael Engleman We are starving. I live at a Busstop now. I lost my kids.
  • Randall Bermudez
    Randall Bermudez Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession!!
    • Dan & Angie
      Dan & Angie Look it's both sides at this point, Mitch your too low and Dem, are too high. That's not exceptable, if you people vote them in again then you deserve them! Vote new people in.
      • Ricky Rick
        Ricky Rick There is absolutely nothing in D.C. that is bipartisan. The only time they work together is when they are both afraid they are going to look bad.
        • su Lolo
          su Lolo Democrats will stop/deny do whatever they can, why? no reason, just because. The Democrats never care about Americans except themselves .
          • Klenovica Klen
            Klenovica Klen Interesting no news about Trumps tax scandal on Fox
          • su Lolo
            su Lolo Klenovica Klen and the rest media all stay silent on Hunter Biden’s case. Let us wait and see which one is the criminal break the law .
          • Greg Bors
            Greg Bors @su Lolo Trump already has indictments pending for tax fraud. Only his presidential immunity shields him from prosecution right now.
          • Chaim Moshe Ansbacher
            Chaim Moshe Ansbacher @IpaidmoretaxesthanTrump yes because everyone would be equally miserable
          • Dubstylie S
            Dubstylie S Go move to a blue state right now go ahead. why is every one moving out like wild fires cause the Democrats and far left are trash wake up people. Cheat cheat cheat Obama the most Corrupt president ever spied on trump cause they thought they wouldn’t get caught. Now they are going to cheat with changing the rules with mail in voting. Then blame the republicans. It won’t help sea of red bi$([email protected] I see what’s going on.
        • Randall Bermudez
          Randall Bermudez Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession!!
          • Robin Johnson
            Robin Johnson I don't want my taxes to fund marijuana over jobs nor do I want my tax dollars to bail out dysfunctional blue states!
            • Louis Correa
              Louis Correa For those less astute than others, if you have any ability to understand budget analysis, thumb through your state's federal assistance programs, infrastructure maintenance, disaster relief, etc. Do a comparison, if you can, of what your state's annual revenue and annual expenditures are.
              That difference is what you're getting from blue states through federal taxes. The federal government isn't providing those monies magically. It comes from taxpayers in other states. Seriously, your states don't participate in enough commerce to provide for much!
            • jim shepard
              jim shepard The red states don't pay enough tax to cover their own welfare so I'm certain you won't be paying a cent for blue states
            • Daniel Ramirez
            • AT 1984
              AT 1984 I agree with you 100% Former house speaker John Boehner is now a lobbyist for the marijuana industry. Shame on him.
            • Daniel Ramirez
              Daniel Ramirez @AT 1984 I forgat about that guy
          • porto roc
            porto roc I would love to see that Covid relief package
            • Rock Daddy
              Rock Daddy I find it interesting that the Proud Boys, (mentioned in the debate) being deemed a white supremacist group, has a chairman that is not white.
            • Carol Bruckman
              Carol Bruckman It’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of where it goes!